About Us

Hi there.  My name is Myles Wakeham, and I'm the guy behind beUnconstrained.com and the Unconstrained Podcast.

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, a part of the greater Phoenix area, and I'm an ex-patriot Australian who has lived in the United States since 1989.  I'm blessed to have a wonderful wife, and an awesome daughter.  We are all on life's journey to be the best people we can be.

Along the way, I've met so many people, had so many experiences, built wealth and am a very happy person.  I've learned that success is often leveraged from past experiences or past knowledge and my hope is that this website, my podcast and the community that surrounds it will perpetuate that success.  That we can all embrace each other and what we have achieved and also help each other to avoid the pitfalls that we learn along the way.  I believe that there are many elements of society that don't want us to succeed and it is our duty to prove them wrong.

Particularly with money and freedom.  beUnconstrained is all about living the best life you can have without the shackles of others controlling you.


Where did all of this start for me?

My history

I was born and raised in the city of Adelaide, Australia.  Adelaide was a wonderful place.  Clean, great community, great weather, great food.  I mean the idyllic place.  My parents were not wealthy, but nor were they poor.  My father worked all of his life for the same company.  My mother was a stay at home parent.  My parents owned their own home, and paid it off.  They struggled financially but were able to put me through private school.  I was an only child - I guess I didn't have to share their focus with another, so I kinda got lucky.

I had always been interested in technology from a young age.  I was such an avid learner that I would go to great extremes to seek out things and get involved in clubs, community groups, etc.  I rode my bike everywhere - even for hours to the center of the city to spend my Sunday afternoons in the public library.  Soaking up every bit of knowledge I could get.  Strange things that people often didn't pay attention to.  But I did.

One day I got exposed to CB Radios.  This was in the 1970s.  I became obsessed (as I often did with things).  I learned about electronics, physics, communications, etc.  This led me towards computers and eventually I bought one of the very first personal computers - in 1978 the TRS-80 Model 1 computer.  I learned everything about programming that computer and it became everything to me.  As the computer industry evolved, so did I.  I started a software company and became one of the few experts in software development in Adelaide - getting gigs to write software for government departments, big corporations, etc. and I was still not even 20 years old.  My passion for technology was matched with a passion for business, which started out well before I discovered technology.  I guess business was in my DNA.

In 1989, I moved to the United States, settling in Los Angeles.  I realized that the ability to migrate from one place to another was a life changing experience.  It taught me to embrace everything I found within my grasp, learning about business in the USA, I got involved in the music industry and I was able to leverage my computer programming experience to land work in some early startups - one of which became Amgen, the world's largest biotechnology corporation.  Although I spent much of the next 30 years living in the USA, I never lost touch with my home of Australia, and in the late 1990s moved back there for a number of years before returning to the USA.  In 2002 I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and I've lived here since.

I am a self-made business owner.  I don't have a job.  I do have clients and I do work on software projects and data centers, etc. today.  It is because this is what I love to do.  It isn't because this is my career.  I've never embraced that concept.  I think if you are blessed to find your calling early in life and you can turn that into an income earner, you will embrace that far more than a defined "career" that people have to convince themselves that they love to do.  I got lucky in that regard.  But it was more that at a young age I was passionate to learn things.  I still am.  I just can't learn them in a classroom, or a lecture hall, or books.  I have to go out and see things with my own eyes and touch things with my own hands.  It is just the way I operate.

Today I run a technology organization, and thanks to my wife and her focus on investments in the 1990s, along with the teachings of people like Robert Kiyosaki we learned the power of real estate investing along with other passive income businesses and today I make 100% of our financial needs from passive income.  This means we are free to travel and live an unconstrained life.  But I also respect that I got an early start in this sort of thing, so I want to give something back.  

Being Unconstrained

There is something deep inside of me that is scared to death at having the opportunities in life taken from me.  I am 100% happy to accept that I am a product of my choices and that I will live with the results of those choices.  The "Buck stops here" so to speak.  But if I am to embrace that responsibility, then I expect to have the freedom to make those choices.  Anything that would impede that freedom is my enemy.

The biggest one is money.  Thankfully I have enough to survive and thrive today.  It wasn't always like that.  But all around me I see propaganda that is designed to hypnotize my friends into giving away their future to a banker.  To be enslaved in a world where they have no choices.  Or to be told by governments that they have our best interests at heart, meanwhile they care not to mention that they are in debt up to their eyeballs which eventually will fall into our lap.  That we can't have the things that I expected would be normal resources to everyone (such as healthcare, constitutional freedoms, etc.) because our government sold off the rights to those things to lobbyists who created a medical cartel that charges $5,000 for an aspirin to a dying patient because they can, and because the patient cannot go anywhere else and they are "sole source".  That is pure evil.  An evil that is systemic and rather than have it called out, we just find ways to divert attention.

We call those that demand affordable healthcare or subsidized education as leeches on society, but the true leeches are medical organizations that charge up to 100x the price of something to someone who is unable to defend against it.  Or the colleges that charge $200K for a four year degree that doesn't provide any real world knowledge that can be used.  We demean other countries - the same countries that often have immigrants like me living in the USA, as havens of crime, drugs, squalor, only to find when you visit them they are beautiful loving places that don't share the same financial dysfunction that we have.   They have affordable healthcare and free or affordable education.  Yet you can only feel constrained from visiting them by the constant barrage of lies and innuendo parading as mainstream news.

The reality is that I can get better quality healthcare by being a medical tourist than back here at home.  I don't run the risk of bankruptcy if some insurance company decide not to pay a claim.  I can get a better education by roaming the world and learning from other cultures.  Even going to university in Europe or somewhere that respects knowledge and doesn't try and sell an agenda with it.

I'm not a republican or a democrat in the USA.  I'm more "a-political" - probably more Libertarian .  I just haven't found one party that covers all the bases of what I believe in - I'm a socially liberal person, believing that we all should get the same opportunities for education & healthcare and that I don't have the right to tell someone else how to live their life or what their choices should be, but I'm also a fiscal conservative because I believe once you get that starting point, you should be 100% responsible for your own outcomes and "own" your life.  I don't believe that our government is structured in a way that can help its citizenry correctly however I have enormous respect for the US constitution because without it, this country would have fallen to a tyrannic dictator years ago.  Thankfully its structure was so well thought out that it has a rule of law and checks & balances of power.  Yet even with that, the freedom I felt when I first arrived here in 1989 is not there anymore, and I'm going to try and find a way to discover the cracks that allow my family the right to live unconstrained in this wonderous place.

I don't give up easily on things and I believe that change is possible, regardless of the level of effort.  That we can undo bad things if we have the willingness to do that.  But it takes time and effort and as much as I want to give up from time to time, I realize that doing that is a cop out and it is always better to try and change something from within.

The reality is that we all have the rights and opportunity to travel this planet and take from it great things.  I'm a strong believer in the mantra as preached by Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist of "Go where you are treated best".  Life is too short to be suckered into a dysfunctional ideology that keeps you locked down in your home town, living in fear that some immigrant will take your job or sell you drugs, while you look around you at the opiod crisis on every street corner, realizing that it was Big Pharma that created that with the blessing of government oversight.  And that the risk to your job isn't from some undocumented immigrant.  It is from a greedy corporation that has invested in capital equipment (e.g. robots) over the human capital of their organization.  That one day the boss will call you into the office to give you your final pay check with the apology, "We're sorry - but a robot was cheaper than you to do your work".  Welcome to the 21st century.

We have to be self-centered to survive.  But we also have to be like a node on a larger network.  A decentralized smaller group that can do great things with an interface to other groups.  This is how societies used to be, and I believe that decentralization is the core ot the future.  Whether that be in the form of money (ie. crypto-currency), or distributed workforce like digital nomads, the future is decentralized and being unconstrained is a core part of how that will work.  And that a community of like-minded thinkers who know that something is wrong and we have to adjust to survive in this new reality is sorely needed.  I hope that beUnconstrained.com is that community and that we can all share in the "life hacks" that we find that work - that get our freedom and liberty back so we can thrive and move forward.

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