Succeeding with Rental Real Estate

Myles Wakeham personally teaches this course from his 25+ years of actual experience in buying rental real estate properties all over the world. He takes what has become decades of actual experience in being a property manager of over 20 properties into this course containing over 15 hours of audio instruction. If you are looking for REAL information on how to succeed in rental real estate, this is it.

Course is delivered as an AUDIO course through our partner site, Soundwise.  You can listen to it via their website, or using their mobile application for Android & iOS, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go.

Have you been thinking, "I need to invest in income producing real estate for my future", but the thought of doing it was fraught with fear, lack of confidence & knowledge, and risk? Well let's change that.

Myles Wakeham is a self-made multi-millionaire who has done it with rental real estate. With over 25 years of experience in multiple countries, Myles and his family have bought over 25 income producing properties, to the point where he quit his job decades ago, and lives off the rental income from the real estate. He calls this "Financial Sustainability" and hosts a popular podcast on this topic called "The Unconstrained Podcast".

But the thing is.... Myles never graduated high school. He proves that it doesn't take a college education to understand the basics of supply & demand, how shelter is a physiological need that we all have, and how if you own the shelter, you control the economic fate of your future. By using banking finance and tenant rents, Myles shows how anyone can do this. It is just a matter of perserverance and desire. But most important, knowledge.

Here's the first chapter for free

Myles Wakeham
Succeeding with rental real estate - Introduction

This course reduces the risks associated with real estate investments. By learning from those that have done it successfully, you can fast track yourself to that level. But by pretending that you can do this on your own, runs the risk of losing millions if you don't understand the details. This course provides the information you need to do it, but ultimately it is up to you and how you handle yourself. We don't pretend to give you guarantees here, but Myles arms you with knowledge so you can increase your chance of success.

Whether you are new to rental real estate investing, or are already on the journey in this world, there's something here for everyone. You might be surprised the tips that Myles gives in this course - he is, after all, a contrarian. His methods have been fine tuned over 25 years, and apply to both US domestic rental real estate, but also with his experience in international investments.  

Generating wealth through rental real estate doesn't require a college degree. It only requires the desire and mental focus to do it, and it services a critical need in society to provide safe & secure housing for our population.

Join Myles on this adventure and learn how you can be independently wealthy through rental real estate.

Here's the chapters you will get on this course...

  • Introduction to Rental Real Estate (47:17)
  • Anatomy of Rental Real Estate (28:55)
  • The Secret (19:12)
  • Getting prepared - Business (36:22)
  • Picking the region & property type (37:13)
  • Finding the property (37:37)
  • Running the numbers (37:58)
  • Financing (01:01:54)
  • Closing escrow, getting the keys & now what? (28:39)
  • Reserves (15:59)
  • Finding your ideal tenant (40:23)
  • Screening your applicants (43:30)
  • The lease (49:41)
  • Frictionless management (28:07)
  • Inspections (07:33)
  • Raising rents (10:05)
  • Turn overs & evictions (22:43)
  • Collecting judgments (17:59)
  • International real estate (17:16)
  • Exposure & risk mitigation (17:01)
  • Leverage (16:21)
  • The end game (10:16)

The course is delivered in audio format to you through our partner website, Soundwise.  Through their amazing technology you can enjoy this course on your computer through a web browser, or you can download their mobile application (Android & iOS) and take it with you where you go on your phone or tablet.

This course has taken months of work to record, but more importantly it is over 25 years of experience in the teachings.  All real estate investors make mistakes, and because of the size of real estate transactions, mistakes can cost a fortune.  Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can get to maximize your chances of success. 

So don't delay.  Rental real estate investing is a long term strategy and the longer you delay doing it, the less likely you will be successful. 

Armed with this knowledge you will be prepared.  And if you are already in the process of investing in real estate, this will help you fine tune your operation.  Compare your techniques with Myles' techniques and maximize the returns.   Click on the button below, to head over to Soundwise and get started now.

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