Fast track yourself to financial sustainability and becoming unconstrained with our courses. Taught professionally by Myles Wakeham and others, these courses are provided in various media formats, including AUDIO downloads and include PDF documentation & supporting content. Each course is focused on a key part of the education learned from decades of actual experience - this is serious information that can shave decades off anyone attempting to go it alone, helping to get the actual results you are looking for. On each course page, you will find a sample chapter of the course and full description of the syllabus. The intended audience is well defined and expectations on what we expect our students to achieve, assuming they complete the entire course, is provided.

Fast track your success in Rental Real Estate investing

Myles Wakeham personally teaches this course from his 25+ years of actual experience in buying rental real estate properties all over the world.  He takes what has become decades of actual experience in being a property manager of over 20 properties into this course containing over 15 hours of audio instruction.  If you are looking for REAL information on how to succeed in rental real estate, this is it.

The Film Shoot Rental Roadmap

You already have a home.  How about making some smart income from it!  By renting out your home for film shoots, photo shoots, and commercial productions, you could be making thousands of tax-free dollars per shoot!  In this course, Josh Lawlor shows you how.

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