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Want to have Myles speak at your event, or be a guest on your TV, Radio or Podcast broadcast? It is our goal to spread the message of hope and change for people in the world. We believe that this can be best achieved by respecting individual freedoms and the right for you to have control over the life you live. To meet this end, Myles Wakeham, the host of the Unconstrained Podcast, welcomes media appearances, international public speaking events, conference speaking opportunities, being a guest on other podcasts, TV, radio, etc. His passion mixed with a laid back style, easy going attitude and comedic wit helps add value to any media broadcast or event.

Keynote speaker for:

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Contrarian Investing
  • Freedom & unconstrained lifestyle
  • Financial Independence
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Technology & Software
  • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency
  • Medical Tourism
  • Travel Hacking
  • Retirement Strategies

Speaking engagements

Myles Wakeham can kick off your conference as a keynote speaker, a business motivational speaker, a financial independence expert, or be the highlight as your after dinner speaker. Myles' passion, inspirational story and motivation will turn your event into a "wow" moment.

If you are considering booking talent for your show, please consider booking Myles Wakeham by CLICKING HERE

Media resources

The following resources should help your show with thumbnail graphics, biography data, etc. should you wish to have Myles as a guest on your broadcast:


Previous appearances

The following represents a collection of media appearances that Myles has made, either in video or audio format. This should help you give consideration to having him as a guest on your broadcast.

Myles is an in-studio guest on Lynette Zang's Coffee with Lynette show on YouTube

Myles sits down in studio with the famous Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, to talk about being a contrarian, why doing the opposite of everyone else gives the best results, gold, bitcoin, etc.

Gary Collins talks Bitcoin, Tech & Money with Myles Wakeham

With the massive fury and interest that Bitcoin has garnered of late, Myles Wakeham sits down (again) with Gary Collins to thrash it all out, get to the bottom of what is going on in money & tech and discuss facts about digital currency and life.

Myles Wakeham interviewed on the New Town, Big Dreams podcast

Myles is interviewed on Luke Menkes' "New Town, Big Dreams" podcast in Canada this week. You can hear/download the interview here. This 1 hour interview covered topics unexpected, COVID, Myles' journey, the lessons learned and the fails along the way. Enjoy!

Myles interviewed on Scott Cunningham's Crypto n Things YouTube Channel

Canadian Scott Cunningham (aka "Scott C Business") interviews Myles Wakeham for his YouTube & other media channel "Crypto n Things". In this episode we deep dive Myles' journey into Bitcoin, we talk about its use today vs. back in 2011 when Myles bought it for $7 each, and how it has affected (positively) Myles' life and what it holds for the future.

Myles interviewed on the Work-Life YouTube Channel

This interview was done on February 16th 2021, with Myles Wakeham on the Work-Life YouTube channel and is a must see. Myles questions why people work in the first place, how most of society is following a path that will end badly and what you can do about it.

Myles is a guest on Gary Collin's Simple Life Podcast

Myles sits down with Gary Collins and tells his story, from nothing to millionaire to nothing, three times over. Eventually settling on wealth and telling the truth about money, life and control.

Inspired Stewardship Podcast SNS74 - Interview with Myles Wakeham

In this Saturday Night Special episode Scott Maderer of the Inspired Stewardship Podcast talks with Myles Wakeham. Myles shares his personal journey as an immigrant to the U.S. from Australia. He shares how he lives an unconstrained life today but how he reached that point by making, and losing, a fortune more than once.

Myles Wakeham interviewed on Jaded 80s Baby Podcast

Myles sits down with Derek Phifer, located in Spain, and having a talk about life, the universe & everything. Derek's story about moving from the USA to Spain to find opportunities is great, and the perfect compliment to my own tales of traversing the globe in search of opportunities.

Myles interviewed on the Suburban Folk Podcast

Myles describes the moments in his life where everything seemed to be going his way when unforeseen tragedies struck. He’s gone from a millionaire in his 30s to nearly broke and back again. He’s learned the importance of relying on himself, rather than corporations to reach his goals as well as focusing on learning new things to get ahead. He also shares his experiences with the US, Australian and Mexican health care systems from the standpoint of cost and access to care.

Financial Stability with Myles Wakeham and Living Life Unconstrained - Dr Elaina George Podcast, Liberty Talk FM

Mr. Myles Wakeham, author and host of the Unconstrained Podcast joins Dr. Elaina George for this week’s episode of Living in the Solution to discuss how individuals can achieve financial stability and live their best life wholly unconstrained from debt so as to be self sufficient and thrive as they move forward

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