Our Philosophy

Life should be a wonderous thing.  Human beings have a wonderful talent to overcome challenges, climb mountains, achieve greatness and evolve ourselves forward.  We are, after all, the only species on this planet that is gifted with the ability to make tools that allow us to evolve.  It started with fire, the wheel, the written word.  We mastered physics and electricity.  We built massive information exchanges and artificial intelligence.  We mastered transport and space travel and we created the ultimate Utopia for humanity in the universe.

But somewhere along the way, we lost the map.  And we wandered off into a dark and barren place.  A place we really only have ourselves to blame for meandering into.

Evil things happen slowly over time.  One day the world is a positive and caring place.  A place you want to be and your motivation to be the best YOU is with you.

Then life happens.  Bit by bit you lose your way.  Distractions, obligations, expectations, etc.  They all prey on our sanity to the point where you become a victim to them.  This is not a life.  This is not what you signed up for.  

It wasn't supposed to be like this.  People were supposed to be happy and secure in their lives.  They were expected to live to a ripe old age, have something to show for their lives, to give to their kids, to leave the world a better place.  But rather than this being a wonderful world, it often looks more like a scene from The Walking Dead.  Utopia becomes Dystopia.

How did this happen?

Humans have great positive qualities, but also some flaws.  Greed for power, money and control is part of our DNA.  Most of this is due to our survival instincts but when grouped with others that share the same flaws, we have a history of doing horrible things.  Genocide, enslavement, etc.  We read about these things in history books.  Sometimes we see it happening in modern times, but it is always somewhere else.  We look at countries that are in turmoil and we ask, "I hope that never happens here".  We live in the illusion that it couldn't, but we never really study why it is happening and what we can do to avoid it.

Those that are cursed to live in a country under a dictator are enslaved.  We use the term "Constrained" because often it isn't as obvious as a tyrannical dictatorship.  Evil lives in darkness and our inability to recognize it and counter it is our fault.  Unfortunately in the modern western world, the evil that we live with is because of our willing participation and that usually comes down to two things - MONEY & POWER.

There is a 99% chance you are constrained

If you do not have the choice to jump on an airplane today and do something you probably have on your "bucket list", you are constrained.  If you can't because of your job, your obligations, you don't have any money, you have bills to pay, etc. you are constrained.  If you assume this is normal, you are wrong.  You were not born this way.  You created this life for yourself and often by the time you have completed such creation, it is too late to roll it back.

In 2018, there is a statistical life expectency of 76.1 years for a US male.  This is an important number.  As you progress through life towards this 76 year number, you should consider that each action you take, each decision you make, defines the future.  If you are young and you have a long time before you hit that number then you may have the opportunity to undo your mistakes.  Or better still....  avoid them entirely.  So that you regain your control of your destiny and you are unconstrained.  

It is hard to put 76 years of life into perspective, when that represents a total of 27,740 days.  But each day of this is special.  Each day is a gift from god and each day should be protected and nutured.  Like a marathon, each day ties together like one step after the other, eventually reaching your destination.  But like a marathon, you start out fresh and strong and you end up tired, injured, beaten up and weak.  

The four quarters of life

In order to understand and embrace the evolution of life, it is easy to break it up into four (4) quarters:

Quarter 1 - The nurturing stage

The first quarter of your life is roughly 0-18/20 years.  This is the time that you are only expected to learn to talk, walk, run, read, write, socialize, and become an "adult".  Your parents should be there to nurture you.  That is the plan anyway.  Sometimes plans don't work out that well, and if you didn't have such a nuturing environment during quarter 1, you probably have some challenges ahead.  However nothing should be written off as unable to be overcome.  But know that duirng this first quarter, you were not expected to make money, earn a living, etc.  That was someone else's responsibility for you.  In most modern societies we protect our children from harm and nurture them as they grow.

Quarter 2 - The building phase

At the age of 18/20 through about 45/50 you are expected to build.  You build a career, a house, a family, a life, a set of ideals, experiences, etc.  Building takes energy and time and most importantly, MONEY.  Often you don't have the money needed to build a modern, western life, and you go to third parties to borrow the money on the proviso that you will pay it back to them (with interest) at a later point.  This is how most people buy their first home, their car, their education.  We sell our future to a third party - normally a bank, and they make money by the interest we pay them for that money.  The interest is often more than the original principal that we had to borrow, but in the quarter 2 portion of our lives, often we don't have any history yet to be able to negotiate a better deal, and we sell ourselves out.  Often we do this without thinking because all around us we are being exposed to propaganda that tells us that we are not worthy of our lives without THAT car, THAT house, THAT degree, THAT bag, THAT phone, etc. 

It is a con for the most part.  All of those items are within our control to choose to have.  If you can't afford something, then don't have it.  Building of a life shouldn't involve building of a debt portfolio.

Quarter 3 - The consolidation phase

As you pass over the mid-point of your life, you can get the feeling that your best years are behind you.  However that shouldn't be the case.  The reality is that if you didn't succumb to too much debt in quarter 2, you should be relatively free to start to embrace the largest income earning years of your life, and sock away as much cash as you can grab.  Investing, planning on retirement or whatever you call it, etc. is the key here.  

Because despite everything you do, you run the risk of physical health failing as your body ages.  Just like an older car, your body needs more attention.  You need to treat it right with food, exercise and any intervention of medical checkups, procedures, etc.  You rely more and more on healthcare and that comes at an enormous price.  You hope that you can sustain your natural erosion of physical health over time, and that you have the appropriate insurance in place that will be there when you need it.  Meanwhile you are stockpiling your own supplies for the winter - quarter 4.  

Quarter 4 - The final phase

No one likes the idea of finality, particularly when it comes to life.  But it is a natural and normal progression.  Whether you have had to bury a loved one, or you are in your own latter cycle, life will end.  There is no denying that.  The one thing that this quarter has though, should be the same expectations that you had in quarter 1.  That someone should nuture you in your final quarter.  You worked all your life to build up something and now is the time that you take advantage of that.

You are now the sage - the voice of wisdom that can help those going through their own life journey at whatever point they are at, to make it just a little bit easier because you can share your experiences with them.  Sure, they won't listen.  They won't pickup on things that you think are critically important.  That is our nature - we learn by experience more than we learn by teachings.  But you can only hope that a small portion of what you say, what you do, will transfer on to the next generation before you leave this world.

Your decisions matter

The things you decide to do, particularly in regards to MONEY, make the world of difference to an unconstrained life.  If you choose to sell out your future so that you cannot enter or participate in Quarter 3 due to financial constraints, health, etc. then you are going to be seriously limited in how you setup for Quarter 4.  Additionally you shouldn't leave your great life experiences to the latter part of your life.  Then you won't be able to really enjoy them.  It is better to have fewer financial obligations and be free of enslavement so that you can have those incredible life experiences young and they will shape your future.

If you sell your future out for a phone or a car, etc. this will inhibit your ability to have experiences early in life.  It is far better to find a more creative way to achieve what you need, by taking advantage of community, sharing, etc. and learning to say NO to things that are irrelevant distractions in life.  Particularly those that involve money.  Then you have the possibility to be unconstrained.

Frugality should be embraced as a fast path to being unconstrained.  So too, savvy investments and money choices will provide you with the chance to generate passive income.

If you understand that life has the 76.1 year span, then each day is priceless.  However if you sell your time to someone for money, you are doing a disservice to your life.  You need to find benefit in being of service to others.  That may be a job.  But it can also come in other forms and one thing that is core to the philosophy of the unconstrained is to know that selling your time by the hour to someone is not a good strategy.  A better strategy is to buy things that generate income - passive income.  Investments like real estate, vending machines, businesses, stocks, bonds, crypto-currency, etc. all have a far better chance at providing you the necessary income that you need without you having to provide that much time or energy. 

They also scale far better than you do.  There is one of you.  There are an unlimited number of rental properties you could own, or vending machines, or shares of company X, etc.  You cannot scale yourself, so don't try.  It just ends in stress and frustration.

The end goal

You should have all the choices for your life to be the best life you can have.  You should have all the resources available to you, at whatever phase you are at, to be whoever you want to be.  You should be responsible to those resources and nuture them.  You should understand that life progresses through to its end point and that you and only you have the right to determine your direction through it.  That if you sold out your future to a bank or a government or an ideology that doesn't serve you, then you have to admit a mistake and you have the time to remedy that.  

Blind faith in ideology that doesn't serve you is stupid.  And maybe you are a victim to a propaganda campaign that was used to ensnare you into debt, or submission to an ideology that you eventually discover that isn't making you happy.  You should be a critical thinker.  You should not assume anything you are told is truth until you have had the chance to test it.

And most importantly, you cannot learn how to live your life on a computer or a phone.  Sure, you are reading this now but you should be out there in the world.  Learning from different cultures, different people, having different experiences, so that one day you can tell your story.  A story of positive, uplifting opportunity.  To give hope to others and to make the world a better place.  You can't do that from your phone.  Travel, roam, witness, learn and understand.

If you cannot do that, you are constrained.  You have to recognize this and learn to be unconstrained.

We want you to be free of the shackles of the modern, western world, yet take advantage of everything we have been able to invent, learn & master.  You should have great relationships, great family, great friends.  You should embrace your belief system as long as it benefits your life.  You should realize that we are a herd like species but that often the herd is misguided and you should be a contrarian.  You should be a critical thinker and you will ultimately find that what works for your individual best interest may not be what is in the best interest of the herd.  That's ok.  Maybe you can share your discoveries and help re-direct the constrained who have become trapped.


This is your community.  We want your input.  We want your engagement.  We want your stories to be told.  This is just a starting point.  We hope you will find it a regular place to come for support and advice, along with leaving us with your experiences as well.  So we can all benefit here as one community that shares the common goal to be unconstrained.

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