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This week in freedom podcast comes out every Friday, and is available only to Patreon subscribers.  Why?  Because this is our detailed investment & risk mitigation information.  We get right down to the stocks that Myles is buying & selling, the specific detail of investments he has uncovered and risks that he is actively dealing with.  Mixed with practical information that you can apply directly if you choose.  This is not financial advice, but if you want to specifcally know what Myles is doing, and how a contrarian operates, this is for you.  Consider subscribing to it through our PATREON channel.  You can get to it through their RSS Feed so it automatically drops into your favorite podcast player.

Episode 070 - Leaving the dark for the light

About this time of year, you are going to hear a lot of New Year’s Resolutions and many waxing philosophically about the coming year. In this episode, I’m going to discuss the various common New Year’s Resolutions out there, and why they are all going to fail you. But I’ll also tell you what you can actually do to succeed in your future as well.

2020 - The Unconstrained Debrief

I prefer not to do these "Year in Review" episodes, but 2020 was a unique chance to test the philosophy of Financial Sustainability against a pandemic. I mean it has been 100 years since the last pandemic, so by putting this together I hope it codifies why Financial Sustainability is probably the most valuable thing that anyone could use to get through a SHTF year such as 2020.

Episode 069 - The quest to be RICH

The definition of ‘rich’ differs from one person to the next, but I think that whatever your definition, we can all agree that the quest to obtain wealth is worthy. Anyone who tells you anything to the contrary isn’t doing you a service. In this episode I want to explore the concept of ‘rich’ and break down some false assumptions that people have to help you break free of the shackles of western society and find your path to freedom.

Episode 068 - Why I’m bullish about (and love) Mexico

The first time I ever went to Mexico was in 2007. A friend of mine from India suggested it. It was probably some of the best advice I ever received. Since then I have spent a considerable amount of my time in Mexico, and have seen it evolve over that almost 14 year period. But today geopolitics and world affairs now has it poised for exponential growth, and in this episode I will explain how you can take part in it, if you choose to.

Episode 067 - The broken college system with Eric Stoddard

It is rare to have a conversation with someone who is uniquely positioned to be an adjunct professor in a university and also a business leader in the private sector - someone who can describe the path that students actually find when coming out of college and looking for a career. Eric Stoddard, one of our Patreon community members, joins me to deep dive the misinformation about tertiary education, career guidance and planning and how what we are doing just isn't working for both the student and also the employers.

Episode 066 - The Chapwood Index

If you believe that you are being lied to by the government, Federal Reserve, etc. and that the real cost of living increases you are seeing everyday at the supermarket, your rent, your health insurance premiums, etc. is going WAY up faster than the supposed target inflation rate, then you will want to hear this episode. We unveil the truth as to how you could be losing half of your entire wealth to the devaluation of the $USD in 5-10 years and if that doesn't force you to rethink and re-strategize your retire early strategies, I don't know what will.

Episode 065 - Fear is the mind killer

This is an important episode. I lay out the ground work for how anyone can set or change their trajectory towards success, by detaching from the herd and facing their own obstacles - their own fear. I get into the weeds of how fear rules our lives and not to our benefit, and how those that have overcome fear are more likely able to get through any adversary than those living in the groupthink of the masses. You need to hear this episode - start to finish, and I would encourage you to share it around to your kids, friends, family members and work mates.

Episode 064 - A false sense of security

In this episode, we talk about the Federal Reserve in the USA, the government and how the system is truly rigged against you. I cover the systemic risk of banking collapse and how a short, sharp, shock event would be a far better outcome than the current long, slow decay of your future and buying power. But as in all things, there is light at the end of the tunnel.....

Episode 063 - Interview with George Gammon

I recorded this interview back in August with George Gammon, when he was in Puerto Rico, and I really enjoyed it. You will have the chance to get to know the man who is a legend on YouTube for his Financial Education videos, and his Rebel Capitalist podcast. George is a true free market capitalist and explains just how he made it, what it took and what he does these days. I pose the question, "What would you do with $1 million?". His answer may inspire and intrigue you. I am 100% onboard with his portfolio allocation percentages too, BTW.

Episode 062 - What exactly is an asset?

This question came up recently in a chat I was having with one of our Patreon supporters. It spoke loudly on the importance of understanding exactly what an Asset is, and how you should consider balancing your portfolio of true Assets and not fictional assets as you might have been told in the past. We discuss assets vs. liabilities and the common misunderstandings of these critical parts of your portfolio.

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