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Episode 066 - The Chapwood Index

If you believe that you are being lied to by the government, Federal Reserve, etc. and that the real cost of living increases you are seeing everyday at the supermarket, your rent, your health insurance premiums, etc. is going WAY up faster than the supposed target inflation rate, then you will want to hear this episode. We unveil the truth as to how you could be losing half of your entire wealth to the devaluation of the $USD in 5-10 years and if that doesn't force you to rethink and re-strategize your retire early strategies, I don't know what will.

Episode 065 - Fear is the mind killer

This is an important episode. I lay out the ground work for how anyone can set or change their trajectory towards success, by detaching from the herd and facing their own obstacles - their own fear. I get into the weeds of how fear rules our lives and not to our benefit, and how those that have overcome fear are more likely able to get through any adversary than those living in the groupthink of the masses. You need to hear this episode - start to finish, and I would encourage you to share it around to your kids, friends, family members and work mates.

Episode 064 - A false sense of security

In this episode, we talk about the Federal Reserve in the USA, the government and how the system is truly rigged against you. I cover the systemic risk of banking collapse and how a short, sharp, shock event would be a far better outcome than the current long, slow decay of your future and buying power. But as in all things, there is light at the end of the tunnel.....

Episode 063 - Interview with George Gammon

I recorded this interview back in August with George Gammon, when he was in Puerto Rico, and I really enjoyed it. You will have the chance to get to know the man who is a legend on YouTube for his Financial Education videos, and his Rebel Capitalist podcast. George is a true free market capitalist and explains just how he made it, what it took and what he does these days. I pose the question, "What would you do with $1 million?". His answer may inspire and intrigue you. I am 100% onboard with his portfolio allocation percentages too, BTW.

Episode 062 - What exactly is an asset?

This question came up recently in a chat I was having with one of our Patreon supporters. It spoke loudly on the importance of understanding exactly what an Asset is, and how you should consider balancing your portfolio of true Assets and not fictional assets as you might have been told in the past. We discuss assets vs. liabilities and the common misunderstandings of these critical parts of your portfolio.

Episode 061 - Linux & Open Source are your friends

We rely on technology more and more, and yet it is one of those most expensive and shortest lifetime investments we can make. In this episode, I’m going to explain how you can save mega-bucks by changing how you think about technology, and specifically how you can use the Linux operating system and open source software to get advantages most never see. And I promise I won’t get technical and geeky either.

Episode 060 - Entropy

The enemy to owning and deploying assets to generate rent or dividend yield is the eventual destruction of the asset itself. Per the second law of thermodynamics (Entropy) eventually everything turns to dust. Having a solid strategy for handling long term asset management is critical to Smart Income. In this episode, Myles gives you all the details on how to think about entropy in regards to your assets.

Episode 059 - The four quarters of life, with Lynette Zang

There are many thought leaders in the world that I respect, but rarely do we get the chance to sit down with them and seek their wisdom on topics that they rarely talk about. Well in today's show, we break that norm as I sit down with Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading, and we talk a little about money, but a lot about life and her wisdom for living a rich one.

Episode 058 - DeFi - The incredible new tool for Financial Sustainability

If you haven't heard of DeFi yet, you will. This is the next leap forward in Fintech and extends on the brilliance of Bitcoin & Crypto currency. Whereas Bitcoin reinvented the concept of money back in 2009, DeFi reinvents the concept of Financial Services. In this episode I will show you how to generate Smart income using DeFi, giving you the double whammy of capital appreciation and cashflow dividends using crypto currency investing.

Episode 057A - Trump’s Tax Returns

I'm releasing this out of sequence - this is a quick episode I put together after fuming over the recent New York Times release of Trump's tax returns. But this is more about out of control government spending, Federal Reserve money printing to infinity, and how all of this together represents "taxes". I'll give you my actual position in regards to Trump - it isn't positive, BTW. But I'll also give you my position in regards to government policies on unbridled spending and why you are being kept constrained because of it. Long after Trump is gone, you will unfortunately still be constrained by all of this.

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