Episode 040A - Emergency & Riot Edition

This is an out of cycle podcast recorded June 1st 2020. In this episode I cover the recent riots, martial law, lock downs and all things that threaten your freedom and being unconstrained.

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Show Notes

Interview with ex KGB officer on Russian playbook to disrupt and destroy an empire


  • Frank 4 years ago

    Hi Myles,
    What would you recommend as the easiest/cheapest way for one to exchange monero for USD with minimal fees? Coinbase doesn’t trade it directly and it seems like most other exchanges only exchange it for bitcoin (which has high transfer fees and is slow). I used to trade litecoin for monero on the Poloniex exchange but then they kicked out all U.S. customers. Any thoughts/ideas?

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    • Myles Wakeham 4 years ago
      What I have been doing is to purchase Bitcoin first, and then do a cross-crypto exchange using services like shapeshift.io or similar. There are many out there that do exchange to Monero. I think the last one I used was https://changelly.com/ I think the Monero site has a list of various exchanges for that. The thing is that I found hardly any that would do $USD to XMR. You had to go through an intermediary coin first.
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