Episode 072 - Legal info for Internationalization with Atty Stewart Patton

Today on the show I’m joined by Stewart Patton, attorney at law and the guy behind ustax.bz. Stewart is an expert in the world of internationalization, specifically taxation & compliance for US persons. He gave us an hour of his time to do a deep dive on the advantages and obligations that comes with having an international life, from work, residencies, and how (if you do it right), you can minimize your taxes and have all the nomadic experiences all over the world.

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Show Notes

Stewart's website is at https://www.ustax.bz

  • Jean J. 3 years ago

    Going to have to save this Podcast and listen to it repeatedly!
    ...How much do I owe Mr. Patton for his time??!! $$$$$$—so much in- depth information!
    Thank you Miles!

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    • Myles Wakeham 3 years ago
      Yes, he was really gracious to give up this level of information. I think he does demonstrate the level of details here though - it clearly is best if you have professionals by your side if you are looking for international investments, relocation, tax advantages, etc.
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