Would you like to consult one on one with Myles for free?

I’m looking for a few good people/families out there that would be interested in a FREE consulting session on their finances to be broadcast on the Unconstrained Podcast. We'll keep your privacy guarded but if you have been following our teachings and want some one on one advice on implementing them, this is your opportunity.

Now I realize that privacy is job #1 here, so we won’t be using your real names, real locations, etc.   And I don’t need down to the penny numbers on your income, expenses, etc.  So you will be safe here.

My goal is to show the listeners of the Unconstrained Podcast how financial sustainability works in real life, by taking actual case studies of real people and how it can change the trajectory that individuals and families are on, in order to help them be unconstrained and reach financial independence fast.  If you have been listening to the show and looking for specific answers to your actual situations, here’s how you can get them.

There are no catches here.  My benefit is to have something tangible and real to feature on upcoming podcast episodes.  Your benefit is my experience, and consultation for free.  Plus you get to be on the show as well.

If this is of interest to you, please contact me via the CONTACT US page on our website and we can begin a dialog of how this will work.  You’ll need a Skype connection (we’ll do this audio only so you don’t need to show yourself to the world) and that’s about it.  I’ll schedule time that works for you.

If you are interested but have any questions first, feel free to contact me and ask.  

Now if you are already financially independent, that won’t work here - I need those that are either stuck in a bad situation or on the path towards financial sustainability.  I’ll put together my analysis and recommendations for you in such a way that you have actual tangible methods to follow going forward.

NOTE:  I’m not a certified financial planner or advisor, so I’m going to need you to sign a waiver understanding that this advice is just for research purposes and what you do with it is on you.  But other than that, its free advice and who wouldn’t want that?

Contact me for further details if interested


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