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TLDR;      Here's the full instructions to access our Matrix server

A key part of becoming and remaining Unconstrained is privacy, yet we all need to share what we've learned.  I am a huge believer in the Open Source movement, and that information deserves to be free.  Although you will find a wealth of content in our Podcast and Articles here, and MUCH MORE for our Patreon supporters, we still believe that sharing knowledge within our community is the key to advancing our freedoms.

Many groups attempting to share information have chosen to use third party platforms, like Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc.   Whereas it is great that information is being shared, those platforms are owned by 3rd parties, and in the case of platforms like Discord, often the ownership weaves its way back to communist and totalitarian regimes.  We've chosen to go a different way.  We use an open source technology called MATRIX and have a wealth of information available on our Matrix forums.  We host our Matrix server ourselves through Edgeneering, Myles' own managed services provider company and data center.  All of our servers are located in Phoenix, Arizona and are highly secured.  Our goal is to respect your privacy and not trust any counterparty with your communications.

You can access our Matrix servers using a program called ELEMENT.  Element runs on pretty much any platform, from mobile phones (iOS & Android, and even De-Googled Freedom phones), desktop on Windows, MacOS or Linux, and even in a web browser

If you already have Element installed, our server is at:

Just register for an account there, and login and that's it. 


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