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Episode 099 - How to quit your job safely

First, let me say this. I hate the word ‘retirement’. I think our social mantra of working for 40 years has turned the act of choosing not to be employed to be misunderstood, and the term ‘retirement’ has become the end game for those enslaved in employment. I don’t see it that way, but I have to use a term that people seem to understand. Regardless of your age, the choice to leave the 9-5 world and become your own person again can be scary and threatening, so in this episode I want to explore the process of leaving the workforce safely.

Episode 098 - Finding your purpose

I honestly believe that to be unconstrained requires you to succeed in three things - finance, health and purpose. Yet the hardest of these three things is to find purpose in your life. I can’t tell you the answer to finding your purpose – it is a deeply personal journey we must all face, but I can tell you the real costs of not finding it in this episode.

Episode 097 - Let’s talk money with Mike from

In this episode I am joined by my friend Mike from over at as we discuss how we both came to our conclusions about money, the economy, why things are the way they are and what can be done about it. Enjoy!

Episode 096 - The true power of frugality

We have a lot of arguments in today’s society. Arguments over politics, ideology, methodology, etc. But the one thing you can’t argue is math. And when math tells you the truth of how to live a rich & unconstrained life, you can’t ignore it. Better to understand and embrace it. In this episode I will tell you a very simple formula that will increase your power and reduce your stress by doing what the rich know – stop spending money you don’t have.

Episode 095 - All things in balance

For many years, I’ve been seeking out the right balance of financial investments that support an unconstrained lifestyle. Something that keeps things in order, and doesn’t become a burden to those seeking to achieve or maintain financial sustainability. I think I have it. I want to share what I’m doing with you.

Episode 094 - Leaving the USA - The frog & the pot of boiling water

In this special podcast episode, I’m recording this from the rooftop of a condo in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, in the heart of Mexico. I came here to explore life outside of the United States, and why so many expats come here, what they find and whether this is a solution to the growing problems in the western world. Today I want to discuss whether staying in the USA is sustainable in the long term and whether coming to a place like this might be worth your consideration.

Episode 093 - Be your own bank

In this episode I am joined by Scott Rulon, CPA, to discuss the concept of Inflinite Banking and whether this is a solution to escaping the clutches of the banking cartel and getting your financial freedom back.

Episode 092 - Your right to privacy

There are so many resources available that explain techniques you can adopt that respect your privacy, however few put in context why this is a mandatory requirement of the unconstrained, and why you MUST begin to change your habits and take back your right to privacy. In this episode we will explore privacy as a factor of being unconstrained and financially free.

Episode 091 - Give yourself permission to be unconstrained

Recently I’ve been seeing the direct contrast of how we live our lives to be unconstrained and our friends who don’t. In this episode I want to explore mindset. It is one thing to WANT to be unconstrained, but an entirely different thing to give yourself PERMISSION to do it. And that seems to be the #1 obstacle that most of my friends have.

Episode 090 - You don’t own things.  Things own you.

The fallacy of ‘The one with the most toys, wins’ is one of the worst betrayals to be executed on the human being. We are constantly challenged by social mantra to spend more, support the economy, buy that boat or that ATV, get a better car, etc. Yet we all know that this only leads to depression, hurt and a loss of hope. In this episode I want to explore the psychology of consumption and how the small actions of saying No are the secret of having much, much more in life.

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