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Episode 109 - Run away from early retirement

It is somewhat amusing to read through the countless posts on various forums on Facebook on the early retirement movement. I use the term “Movement” intentionally because this has become more of a cult that follows a fictional future event. That is not to say that the intentions are bad – it is that often the endpoint is flawed.

Episode 108 - A life success methodology

Having spent a career as a software engineer, I encountered a world of problems in hundreds of different industries. I knew nothing about the industries at all, but what I did know was that a method to gather their needs, analyze them, design something to solve their needs and build to that design worked. We call that a “methodology”. When I looked outside of the engineering space, I found a few implementations of methodologies – in particular, business methodologies used in large organizations. I guess I naturally use methodologies without thinking, but it provides a way to codify something repeatable. In this episode I’m going to offer you a methodology that I use, that has helped me become and continue to be unconstrained.

Episode 107 - Is Australia becoming a totalitarian state?

In this episode, I’m going to address a question I have received numerous times in the past week “Is Australia a totalitarian state?” It is one of those episodes that I would have preferred not to record, but it is... well... complicated. But as I am an Australian, I guess I can tell you both how it feels to lose your freedoms, but also what lead up to this mess. I hope that people take this information for what it is - I’m sure I’ll upset some people, and maybe I’ll help educate others. But I’ll let you be the judge.

Episode 106 - How Ernie beat cancer in Mexico

What if you decided to take the plunge, quit your job, be unconstrained, buy property in a far away land, and in the process of doing this, you get diagnosed with cancer? Well on today’s show I’m talking to my friend Ernie Baca, a US expat who lives in San Miguel de Allende, in which exactly this happened. Ernie will tell us how the US medical system failed him, how he took on the battle with cancer in Mexico, and how he won that battle. This is a detailed accounting of the whole ordeal, it will get emotional at times but it is a testimonial to a guy who is a real hero and shows that taking back control of your life is your best path to truly being unconstrained.

Episode 105 - Your right to healthcare

In this episode, I continue the "Unconstrained Bill of Rights" series to healthcare. Why those that don't have it, are seriously constrained and those that think they have coverage, may be right in line for the worst wake up call of their lives.

Episode 104 - How insurance can screw up your life

We have all been told and encouraged to buy insurance. Insurance for health, your assets like housing, real estate, your car, etc. In many cases, insurance is mandated. “If bad things happen, you better have insurance.” But it has created a society of irresponsible and ill-prepared citizens who don’t have any idea about personal responsibility and are ill equipped to manage their lives. In this episode I’m going to deep dive the concept of insurance and the promises & lies we are told about it.

Episode 103 - How we got Mexican Residency VISAs for under $1,000

My wife & I completed the long process of obtaining permanent residency VISAs in Mexico last week, so I decided (after receiving a large number of requests on the details) to cover the entire process for anyone that may wish to do the same. NOTE: Most of the information out there on other podcasts or YouTube channels is either wrong, incomplete and doesn't take into consideration the details of the work required INSIDE your home country (ie. USA) before you come to Mexico. This episode is a complete process from start to finish, so I'm hoping it can be used as a reference material for the future.

Episode 102 - Your right to travel

For those that have never left their home land, they might have a hard time understanding the importance of the right to travel. But for those that are living under some totalitarian regime, have family in a place you cannot visit, or just feel that the walls are closing in on them and need to get out, this right is ‘mission critical’.

Episode 101 - Your right to financial freedom

We kick off a series called "The Unconstrained Bill of Rights" in which I introduce a set of guidelines that those seeking to be unconstrained should follow. In this first installment, we talk about your right to financial freedom, but more so what that actually means - it may not be what you think it is.

Episode 100 - The state of the union for the Unconstrained

Most podcasts that get to 100 episodes have pretty much proven themselves. They will likely be around for hundreds more. And that’s my intention here as well. But rather than use this as some celebration, I don’t think that is deserved yet. At 500, I will celebrate. But for now, we’ll use this as a look back on how we got here, and what we’ve learned along the way.

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