Episode 055 - The forest & the trees

In this episode I get down into the weeds of why people can't find peace in the western world, what it takes to break free of the hypnosis and find your inner success. I will tell you exactly what the problem is, and it prepares us to embark on a future journey of discovery of where the opportunities lay and how we can uncover them.

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Show Notes

1.    Revisiting the four quarters of life
2.    Understand you are just a number on a bankers actuary table
3.    They want to make mega-profits from debt - they can print money unencumbered but you can’t have it without paying the toll
4.    They convince you that you must have things you haven’t earned yet
5.    They convince you that a western economy is “Rich” because of its debt encumbered citizenry - McMansions, expensive cars, student loans, etc.
6.    True wealth and stability in life comes from being anti-debt
7.    Countries with no mortgages, for example, typically don’t have housing market crashes

8.    Everyday that you perpetuate this fiction, pretending that you will be just fine, is one day less that you can fight it
9.    Most can’t afford retirement, and these numbers have become recently worse (cite the numbers on TWIF recently)
10.    What can you do?   

-    Step 1 - Escape the mind control and embrace being a contrarian
-    Step 2 - Reduce your footprint - drop your burn rate
-    Step 3 - Acquire income producing assets able to give you 150% of your burn rate and create a self-sustainable method of existing
-    Step 4 - Regain your time back - quit your job, exit the rat race
-    Step 5 - With your new free time, travel, find opportunities and start to speculate
-    Step 6 - Build a 75/25 balance of your assets where 75% of them are your smart income assets that keeps you alive and prospering, and 25% are your new speculations
-    Step 7 - With the vision that you will have of not being distracted, your speculations have a 200% better chance of succeeding.  Take that wealth and use it for increasing your quality and standard of life.

11.    What’s the worst thing that can happen?
-    There’s not much danger here.  Even if your speculations went to $0, you still have your burn rate covered with your smart income
-    The risk of medical adverse event is there, but if your smart income assets were self-perpetuating, they would pay you while you are infirmed
-    Inflation goes way up - no problem, your rents are tied to inflation.  They go up too.

12.    This is my world and my story.  This is what I’ve done.  This is what you can do.  It doesn’t take a college degree.  It doesn’t take much more than training your mind to detach from the modern hypnosis that the banksters want to perpetuate

13.    Once you transcend what is going on, and see it from a 1,000 ft view, things are clear and the real dangers of the world show up - it isn’t what you see on the nightly news at all.  It is the banks.  You must escape their clutches and that’s going to take you retraining yourself and your mind.  This (again) is not hard work.  This is about your willingness to do it.  Being a contrarian comes with the social stigma of living different to everyone else.

14.    Understand that group think here is the worst thing you can do.  If you have subscribed to someone else’s methodology to do this, without first transcending it yourself, then you are putting all your faith in a counter party.  That’s what got you in this mess to begin with.  You must first embrace your own mind and how you can stop thinking like a regular person who is 78% more likely to fall into the “pay check to pay check” world.  If you want that, then do exactly what they are doing.  And if you are taking advice from people that haven’t transcended, stop that.  Your financial advisor is broke.  Your tax advisor is broke.  Your rich friend, probably isn’t.  The person on the Internet forum that tells you to loan against your home to buy a rental property, is going to be long gone when the market crashes and you are left upside down on TWO properties.  

15.    Don’t try and be a speculator until you get the sustainability part done first.  Once you are there, then be a speculator.  Talk about gold, bitcoin, stocks, etc.  Whatever.  It doesn’t matter then if you lose everything, because you are safe.  But if you do that too early, you are more likely going to have a bad experience.  And yes, your FI friends are not there yet so stop listening to what they would do.  They are still hypnotized by the same bankster mantra, particularly if anyone is telling you to take on debt to fast track yourself towards the path.  You have to learn to defer gratification, and also to be super careful in your early asset acquisitions.

16.    No matter what banks and the media and your broke friends might tell you, there is one thing that always works and always makes people mega-rich.

Buy low & sell high

If you don’t embrace this, which is contrarian to most people’s natural DNA wiring, then you are doomed.  Stop doing anything before you understand the cycles of markets and where we are at with them.  If you understand the cycles, you can predict the future and you will be thankful of the buy low part of the formula for the rest of your life.

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