The real answer to why you are not getting the results you want

To quote a prominent psychologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton: "Yes, we’ve been programmed. The vast majority of programs are negative and dis-empowering. So yes, the vast majority of people on this planet are having that negative experience as well. So the next most important thing now is to recognize, “Well, if I’m not getting what I want is because the universe is not giving it to me?” and the answer is almost inevitably “No”, it’s because of your own program that’s invisible, operating 95% of the day, is keeping it away from you!"

This is the fundamental observation of contrarians.  

Result = Behavior + variables

Behavior is what we do, 95% of the time subconsciously, and variables are the dynamics that we feed into that behavior.  Dynamics are typically things outside of our control, such as economics, relationships, skill levels learned, opportunities, etc.

There are unlimited variables out there.  They are like atoms in the universe.  Because we have a limit as to how much we can process as humans, we become selective in those opportunities.  We choose the ones that fit into our pre-programmed systems.  Like the Square Peg & Round Hole idea.  If you are pre-programmed to be an accountant, then you want all opportunities to fit into debits & credits, numbers and systems, reports and time cycles.  If you are pre-programmed to be an artist, you want all opportunities to be colors & textures that you can use as raw material.

The problem is that opportunities don’t fit our specific desires, so we reject many that come to us because we simply can’t process them.  We become lazy and we only want to deal with what has been done before because our mental subconscious systems are already programmed only for that input.

This is limiting, but more important, what if that pre-programming forced you only to take in variables that were pre-determined because someone had set you up to operate only on systems that they could control?

And that’s where the issues begin.  During the first 7 years of our life, we are building up our subconscious by learning.  Those years, when we are most vulnerable, should be the protective domain of those that we trust - our parents.  Yet for the final 2-3 years of that period, we are taken from our parents and indoctrinated into state run systems that begin to direct our learning down certain pathways.  We are taught what we believe to be universally true - math, reading, writing, etc.  How to talk, how to behave with others, what is desirable, what is not.  What is safe, what is dangerous, etc.

After the 7 years are up, we are then already pre-determined as to our path.  We think we can choose (as we get older) on who we want to be, what we want to become, etc. but that was pre-determined a long time before.  

Imagine if you were in a maze.  You can go down path A or path B.  The person who created the maze has a final outcome, but can look from above at your behavior and determine where you can go.  You think you are doing everything of your free-will.  But you are not.  The artificial constructs of the maze were pre-determined by someone else, well before you entered it.  Your path was pre-ordained.  You think you are making free-will choices of going down path A or path B, but the paths are an illusion.

That’s because our brain needs structure as it has limited capacity.  We can’t even begin to try and think beyond our capability, so in order to stop overload and the sense of our own personal limitations, we prefer to just follow the subconscious path 95% of the time.

What defines that subconscious?  Most of it occurs in those first 7 years of life.  But after that, we have one thing that helps define it.  Repetition.

Repetition is how we move knowledge from conscious to subconscious.  When something becomes subconscious, it becomes “easy”.  We don’t have to work hard at it because it is subconscious.  The key is to recognize that during the time that we were young, or by way of exposure to repetition, that certain things got placed in that subconscious that we have to remove, and replace.

Take, for example, a very simple concept that can be the difference between 1000x wealth vs. struggle and poverty.

Buy low and sell high

This is a simple idea.  If you bought something when it was $1 and sold it when it was valued at $1,000 you would make $999 profit.  Simple, right?

Why then is it that when you look at social behavior, 99.9% of society do the polar opposite?

When the stock market is at all time highs, that’s when everyone in society wants in.  Everyone gets this FOMO (Fear of Missing out).  And this flawed behavior is universal.  When Bitcoin went to $20K each, the volumes of purchases INTO Bitcoin were at such high levels that the miners couldn’t process transactions - it took hours and hours to confirm transactions because of the volumes.  It wasn’t volumes of people selling.  It was volumes of people buying.

Yet we all know that if we do the opposite of Buy low and sell high, and we buy high and sell low, then (using our simple analogy) we would LOSE $999 

Why would we do that to ourselves?  And why do we do that universally?

Because the method of learning that is baked into all of us is that we want to move conscious thought and observation into subconscious.  That’s what we do at an early age, and the best way that humans do that, is by repetition.

In fact we gravitate to repetition.  The old saying, “If you say something enough times, it becomes accepted fact” is true.  It isn’t that the thing being said is right or wrong - it is that we accept it as fact because we can move it into our subconscious thought.

If repetition based on herd behavior is to do the same thing as everyone else, because we are wired to see that other people’s results can be ours if we follow what they do, then it is not only a protective measure, that dates back to our prehistorical origination because back in our genesis we did not have the power of our inventions to keep us safe and there was danger in the jungle.  So we became genetically pre-disposed to look to what others were doing and what results they were getting because they put themselves at risk - not us.  If they found opportunities (ie. food sources) they got to receive it first.  But if they found danger, they had to deal with that first.  By looking at other people’s behaviors, if we saw repeating patterns, we took that in and it became our subconscious.  And that then forced those behaviors to become our behaviors.

We all know that it doesn’t take a high school graduate to understand the idea of buy low and sell high.  That’s why most business people didn’t need a college level education, or if they did get that, they didn’t use it.  The fundamental ability to create wealth is actually to undo a lot of our pre-disposed teachings that date back to the pre-7 year age period, and to re-wire our brains to simply be counter to the rest of society.

That’s why those that make the most money do the polar opposite of what most of society do.  And unfortunately it is also true that those that understand this are in an advantaged position to want to continue to keep the majority of society following the same patterns because they can then control and build the maze.  Knowing what someone will do ahead of time puts you in an advantaged position to manipulate the results that they will create to your advantage.  And the largest organization of those that take advantage here are governments and banks.

If you know, ahead of time, what next week’s lottery numbers are, you will never need to struggle in your life.  And if those lotteries are simply the collection of money from 99.9% of people who buy lottery tickets into a pool, and you can then seize the pool, then you are wealthy.  You only need to do that a few times in your life and you will be secure and funded.

Think about this.  You are pre-programmed to do certain things because we are raised in an institutionalized society.  Why?  Because we feel more comfortable in that society.  It is because our subconscious minds were pre-determined that repetition of things is easy and learning new things are hard.  Hence you only take on opportunities that fit your subconscious because that is easy.  Or you only accept information that conforms with your subconscious because your brain has limits of processing.  Rather than change your subconscious that takes energy and effort, you simply repeat, parrot or recycle past learnings because it is easy.  Hence the willingness to adopt tribal behavior because there is similarity of action/reaction based on a consensus of thought - but more so a consensus of subconscious programming.

If you only were successful at re-programming your brain to one thing, “Buy low and sell high” as a natural thing, then you would be rich.

But we are pre-programmed as to our life journey by governments that want to control the population and have us behave more predictably so that they can keep order out of chaos.  Well chaos is simply the abundance of opportunity.  If you maintain order, what you are really doing is stifling the human brain from conscious to subconscious continual learning and restricting opportunity by making chaos appear unattractive.

Yes, in chaos there are dangers.  But if you are able to learn to recognize dangers and seize opportunity, does that not help disrupt the status quo and move us forward?  Is that not what we, as spectators, celebrate?  Those that are able to do that - the Elon Musk’s, the Steve Jobs, etc. had to undergo being considered a social outcast because they didn’t follow the pre-ordained subconscious pathways that created and celebrated the dysfunction.  What they did was to replace their version of our subconscious with something different that got better results and after we recognized the cause & effect of that, we finally (as a herd) embraced that idea.  It took time.  The willingness to drive an electric car, for example, took time.  Yet we all knew that the car had less moving parts to break, didn’t create pollution and could out perform the combustion car.  Yet we didn’t immediately gravitate to this.  It took time.  Why?  Repetition.  We had to see many others go into the chaos of the world that break free of the patterns that we had been pre-programmed in our subconscious.

Anytime someone challenges your subconscious, you defend it.  That’s normal.  It is uncomfortable and takes energy and effort to reprogram the subconscious.  But it is part of how we evolve.

The ultimate question we have to ask ourselves is whether our current patterns in our subconscious are helping or hindering us.  And we must look to the factual results of society to determine that.

Are we happy?  Are we safe?  Are we at peace?  Do we have an abundance of things to keep us feeling proud and feel that we have resources that will allow our futures to be bright?

In the USA, many of those factors are driven by money so those that have an abundance of money can achieve happiness, safety, peace and a brighter future.  It is a naive thing, but it is a collective subconscious behavior.  Those that reject it are branded as alternative or cast out from society as hippies, rejects, etc. and yet if they are happy, we don’t recognize and celebrate that because their results challenge our own subconscious and that takes energy & effort.  We are too busy being challenged in other forms and often to the benefit of others and not to ourselves.

If we understand the rules here at a fundamental level, we can re-wire our future by re-wiring our own self.  Our perceptions change and we must recognize things that are counter to the goal of a mission.  One must first determine the end point that we want and then we must realize that the biggest thing that stops us achieving that end point is us.  Specifically our subconscious.  We must reject the programming of that subconscious that negates us reaching that end point and realize that although we cannot go back in time to our 7 year old self, we can apply energy & effort to undo certain learnings and replace them with others.

The first and easiest one is to “Buy low and sell high”.  No, blindly investing into a long term market based on a premise that you can have your reward when you are 65 is not meeting our self-interest.  It meets order out of chaos for governments and banks.  But it doesn’t meet our personal self-interest.  If we simply stop doing everything that everyone else is doing because they are supporting that social mantra, then we can begin the process of achieving all the things in life that we choose to have, and to have them sooner.  Why is it that some get those things at an early age?  Because they didn’t have to re-wire their subconscious thought as they might have been influenced better before they were 7 years old.  Or that they made effort earlier to re-program their subconscious so that their natural behavior resulted in obtaining things easily that we find difficult, requires energy & effort, and time.

Start there.  Define your mission.  Define your end point.  Then re-program your subconscious to achieve them.  The only person stopping you from this is you.  If you choose to do this, you will be contrary to the rest of society who 78% of them are living pay check to pay check, have little or no prospect of ever retiring and are simply rats in someone else’s maze.  You have to transcend this and realize that the maze is an illusion and that you control your own destiny.  Not a maze builder such as a government or bank.

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